Welcome to Wilderlight 

This is the platform for all of my work as a Filmmaker. My future projects include short films, promo videos and commercial projects. I also provide services in events videography, including Weddings. 

|| You can find a collection of some of my films below ||

A bit about me:

My name is Jánoux Gerber and I am a Filmmaker and Actor, based in London. I started Wilderlight in May 2018 and since then have been growing this into my full time work.


Over the past few years, I have graduated from the University of Exeter and been working as a Videographer for a variety of clients, including Happiful Magazine, Ava May Aromas, What Larks Productions and Resurgo. 

Furthermore, I recently got married!! Naomi and I have been together for almost 7 years and we are very excited to kick off this next chapter. ​We recently moved into a flat in King's Cross, which means I am now very central and able to travel for clients easily. 

I am also currently training at the Identity School of Acting, where I am developing my skills on stage and screen. This has influenced my work a lot and gives me a unique perspective of understanding both sides of the camera. 

Some of my other passions include climbing, playing guitar and photography. Naomi and I also adore travelling and during our time at University we spent the summers exploring the likes of Norway, New Zealand, Budapest, South Africa and the USA.

If you would like to enquire about a project, please feel free to fill in the form below or just email me at Janoux@wilderlight.co.uk

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Wilderlight Films


After getting married a few months ago, I can tell you firsthand that having a videographer at your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make. A wedding film shows such an exciting and different angle to your day and brings it to life in a way that photos can't quite do.  


My approach has definitely been influenced through my work as an actor, director and photographer and I believe my style is unique in how it tells the story of your day. My approach is calm, unobtrusive, whilst always making sure I get the shot. I want you to feel completely comfortable on the day and completely present, knowing that everything is being captured. 

I am now taking bookings until 2022, so please get in touch!


In the past few years I have worked with a variety of brands and businesses including; Happiful Magazine, Ava May Aromas, What Larks Productions, Resurgo and more.


I have helped to capture events, create promos for social media, Interviews, as well as creating teasers for TV show pitches. The variety is amazing and I have loved how much it pushes my creativity.


Let me know if this is more in line with what you need...

Short Films

My long term goal is to turn Wilderlight into a film production company and create large scale projects for companies like Netflix, Disney and Amazon. At the moment I am building my experience in producing  and hope to shoot my first feature film in the next five years.


I am currently producing a short film called Romina with Christian Kinde and Blue Robin Productions. We are planning to shoot in January 2021.


Can't wait for you to see it!

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